Bobrisky Spend More Than 6 Million on Birthday Party Attire

Bobrisky Spend More Than 6 Million on Birthday Party Attire

In an interview with media personality and comedian Egungun, Bobrisky shared the extravagant price tag of his birthday ensemble.

During the interview, Egungun inquired about the cost of Bobrisky’s hair, which amounted to an astonishing 1.8 million. Additionally, he disclosed that his meticulously crafted nails were priced at approximately 150 thousand. When asked if he could eat Eba (a Nigerian dish) with his long nails, Bobrisky responded with a grin, stating, “No, certainly not.”

When pressed further about the expense of the star of the event, his stunning gown, Bobrisky revealed that it set him back 1.5 million. The gown was adorned in a resplendent gold hue, complemented by opulent gold accessories.

The earrings he wore carried a price tag of 1.2 million, while the bangles delicately adorning his wrists cost 1.1 million. Additionally, the rings on his fingers were valued at 750,000 and 250,000 respectively. His entire ensemble, from the gown to the exquisite jewelry, exuded a rich golden aura.

One jane_.ijeh wrote “You contributed just 5k in your father’s burial what a shame.”

One queenliquor wrote “Bob don use my gender pass me. sexy always”

One thaworldbanana wrote “Egungun himself is even crazy to!!!!”

One ms.bewa wrote “I dunno sha but I no Dey bliv anything wey come out of Idris mouth”

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