Don’t Make It Difficult For People Who Are From Privileged Backgrounds: Kiddwaya


Ex-BBNaija’s housemate, Kiddwaya got the chance to let somethings off his chest during a recent interview with BBC pidgin.

The reality TV star voiced out his frustrations on how people tend to look down on people from privileged backgrounds.

Kiddwaya said;

“I feel like in this country, a son or a daughter from a wealthy background cannot talk,

“We all wish out children can have an easier life, it’s not my dad’s fault that he was trying to work hard, don’t make it difficult for people who are from privileged backgrounds,

“Being a billionaire’s son isn’t easy, I try not to look at the title ‘billonaire’, I try to focus on myself because that’s my dad’s life, that’s his hard earned money, I’m still trying to hustle for myself”

Watch the video below:

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