“I have dated across different races” – Jim Iyke reveals

“I have dated across different races” – Jim Iyke reveals

Popular Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke, has opened up about his dating experiences with women from all races.

He made this revelation during a recent appearance on the ‘Is This Seat Taken’ podcast, hosted by Chinasa Anukam.

Having lived in three countries, the 46-year-old actor disclosed that he dated extensively across diverse racial backgrounds.

Speaking on the podcast, the actor stated that his adventurous nature led him to explore relationships with women from various walks of life.

According to Jim Iyke, there is rarely any religion or race he has not been romantically involved with.

He said,

“I have dated extensively. I have dated across different races. Because I’m always adventurous. I just want to experience and live life.

“So, I have lived in three countries. I’ve met different kinds of women from different walks of life, different races, different religions. There’s rarely a religion you point to or race that I have not been with either romantically or casual dating.”

The actor, who grew up as the only boy among eleven women, also mentioned that his upbringing influenced his views about women and relationships

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