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Spyro Slams Shallipopi Over ‘Elon Musk’ Lyrics

Spyro Slams Shallipopi Over ‘Elon Musk’ Lyrics

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Spyro, has given his analysis on Shallipopi‘s, ‘Elon Musk,’ tags it harmful to society.

In a recent episode on Nedu’s, The Honey Bunch podcast, Spyro publicly criticized Shallipopi’s song, and claimed it contained harmful lyrics.

Spyro expressed grave worries about the song’s potentially harmful consequences, notably in respect to its promotion of illegal behaviors like money laundering and fraud.

He further accused Shallipopi of using the lyrics of his song to praise these criminal behaviors, and he did not hold back in his accusations. Spyro appears to be using Elon Musk as a backdrop for his criticism because he thinks the narrative of the song covertly encourages dangerous behavior that can mislead listeners.

Spyro also emphasized the ability of music to have an affect on listeners by making a clear connection between the content of a song and its possible effects.

According to Spyro, people sometimes unintentionally internalize the themes in songs, which causes them to unconsciously align their behavior with what they have continually heard.

Watch an excerpt from the interview below,

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