Sunmisola Agbebi and Yinka Okeleye Spark Reactions as They Transform Their Wedding into a Revival

Sunmisola Agbebi and Yinka Okeleye Spark Reactions as They Transform Their Wedding into a Revival

Nigerian super gifted Gospel singers Sunmisola Agbebi and Yinka Okeleye have become the center of attention online due to their unique wedding approach. Instead of following the traditional format of a wedding reception filled with music, dance, and food, Sunmisola and Yinka decided to take things to another level by incorporating a worship session.

The couple, who are deeply devoted Christians, transformed their wedding into a spiritual revival. This unconventional choice has garnered significant attention and discussion across various online platforms.

The video of their wedding ceremony turned revival has evoked mixed reactions from viewers. Some have criticized the couple for taking their wedding to an extreme level, questioning the appropriateness of incorporating such intense religious elements into what is typically seen as a joyous celebration. On the other hand, there are those who applaud Sunmisola and Yinka for staying true to their faith and expressing their love for God in such a profound way on their special day.

The couple’s decision to infuse their wedding with a worship session has undoubtedly sparked a debate and generated diverse opinions. Ultimately, it reflects the varied perspectives people hold regarding the intersection of religion and celebrations, leaving viewers divided on the matter.

One Joan Odenu wrote, “Totally love it. Christian the foundation of your home and loving each other will definitely make the marriage a blissful one. Congrats to them

One Patricia Ibee wrote, “Really beautiful and I love it

One Omo Dhee wrote, “Built on the solid rock

One Leaddy skincare wrote, “You shouldn’t expect less. May their marriage wine never turn sour and may the sweet times overshadow the bad times in Jesus’ name

One Happiness Igbinosa wrote, “Spirit filmed couples. God is already in this marriage sitting comfortably the devil cannot even dare to come close. Bless you

See other critical comments below,

One Godsend Osass wrote, “I love God and I’m a Christian with passion, but this on my wedding day. Omor I no do I. I don’t even mind having a worship session for me and guys a night before the wedding or 2 days before. But on the D-Day! Ha I no do Abeg

One MC Chinx wrote, “I’d be pissed if I’m here for fun and mfs start doing this God is Great anyways

One Leey Marb wrote, “Then they shouldn’t have had reception now

One Seun Dreams wrote, “It’s well


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